Labor Day Weekend Events | Los Angeles
Labor Day Weekend Events Guide

Labor Day Weekend 2019: A Complete Guide to This Year’s events at the best exclusive L.A night spots; Sept 6th thru Sep 8th, 2019. Here you can find all the Labor Day Weekend parties; hip hop events; and celebrity hosted nightlife at some of hottest Los Angeles night clubs Labor Day Weekend. Now let’s get to it!!


The countdown to Labor Day has begun!! Before we dive head first into all things you would rather not stress about; let’s make sure that your LDW 2019 is one for the books. Los Angeles provides no limit of things to do; some awesome and some not so awesome. Since time is precious in this fast paced city; we decided to curate a list of the top 10 night spots in Los Angeles over Labor Day Weekend.

This is your complete guide to all the best events – on both land and water – to party LDW 2019 in LA; Sept 6-8th. Read on to learn where to party over Labor Day Weekend. Check out any one (or two) of these LA top club events; and your LDW will 100% be a great one!!

Playhouse Nightclub: Your Complete Labor Day Weekend Party Spot

Spend you Labor Day Friday and Saturday with the best of Hip Hop nightlife in LA at Playhouse Nightclub; Sep 6th and Sep 7th, 2019 / 10 PM. They don’t call it a PLAYHO– USE for no reason. At 10,500 sq. ft., Playhouse is fully equipped for the crazy parties that only LDW 2019 in LA can host. To RSVP w/ VIP, please give us a call (310) 749-9029.

Poppy Nightclub | Labor Day Weekend Friday

Special Guest TBA at Ohm Nightclub | Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend VIP Club Tour: Free Drinks & No Covers

Labor Day Weekend VIP Club Tour: Round Two

Lure Hollywood | Labor Day Weekend Saturday

Special Guest at Project Nightclub | Labor Day Weekend 2018

Labor Day Weekend Party at Playhouse Nightclub

Labor Day Weekend Yacht Party: Pier Pressure Long Beach

Labor Day Weekend Events Guide

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