10 Hot Spots for Girls Night Out in LA
Perfect Girls Night Out Club Nightlife Guide

Planning a girls’ night out? Los Angeles has plenty of options for an evening you and your friends won’t soon forget.

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Sometimes girls just want to have fun, and in Los Angeles, that’s easy to do. Girls Night Out can be anything you want it to be. Most of all you want to see your friends at a place where you can let loose with all the favorite women in your life, but not compete behind a velvet rope. Los Angeles offers a myriad of bars and clubs that are perfect for a quintessential Girls Night Out.

10 Top Hot Spots to Experience Wild Girls Night Out in LA

It’s no secret that we love a good all-girls-night around here. Whether it’s for a bachelorette bash or just a good ole Girls Night Out, we’re here to gather the most unique list of L.A.’s worthy nightlife experiences for you and the ladies to celebrate your lady love in style. We’ve tallied up a list of fun inducing L.A. hot spots that are sure to inspire plans for your next girly gathering. And these are the best of the best.

Nightingale PlazaWarwickSaddle RanchThe Nice GuyPlayhouse HollywoodBlind DragonLure HollywoodCreate NightclubThe AbbeyE.P. & L.P.Plan A Party

Girls Night to Pop Bottles with L.A.’s Elite

Some nights you want a chill bar to have audible conversations with friends. But for those other nights you want to pop bottles with L.A.’s fashionably loud and famous, there’s Nightingale Plaza.

SBE’s new iteration of Greystone Manor lives up to the legacy of the former club immortalized by Drake lyrics with its LEDs and mirrored panels that move to the high-energy beats. Just be sure to strap on those red bottomed heels and make sure you get yourself on the list.

Need one more excuse to convince you to buy those Louboutins? This is it. Pair those with a VIP club couture ensemble and you’ll fit right in. As several ads have boasted, Nightingale is a magnet for the elite and beautiful of LA nightlife.

Our Tip: This spot will call for more than just heels and a little black dress. That outfit will get you confused for a staff member (not necessarily a bad thing, the wait staff is just as hot and stylish as the interior).

Girls Night Oozing With Elegance And Luxury

Sunset Blvd has always been one of L.A.’s best areas for terrific bars. And that’s certainly the case with Warwick.

If you’re a girl with a sophisticated edge, Warwick is the spot for you. It’s not quite as wild as other clubby spots, but it’s oozing with elegance and luxury. A superb handcrafted cocktail program and impressive décor set the scene for a Girls Night you and your best ladies will remember forever.

The jaw-dropping cocktail lounge is a two-story beautiful space that offers cocktails from the guys behind The Roger Room. So, you know the drinks, and their unique bottle service program has to be top notch.

For those times you’re itching to get dressed up for a Girls Night Out of fun, Hollywood’s Warwick lounge is a must visit.

Our tip: Great drinks here include their ‘Blackberry Buck,’ a bourbon based drink with blackberry ginger beer and ginger root.

A Girls Night Worth The [Mechanical Bull] Ride

Even on the flashy Sunset Strip, the Saddle Ranch Chop House stands out a mite.

Hot waiters, mechanical bull and a large bar… What more could you want for a Girls Night Out? Take turns riding for 8-second stints or hop on the mechanical bull along with friends and see who falls off first. Okay, maybe that’s not the best idea.

With fire pits outside, s’mores and plenty of booze around, this is a great location for lady locals and tourists alike. It’s a knee-slapping welcome relief from the usual velvet-rope attitude doled out on this street.

Fun Fact: The mechanical bull at Saddle Ranch is somewhat famous in its own right. The bucking bronco has been showcased in iconic episodes of T.V. series like “Sex and the City,” and “American Idol.” And it’s definitely worth a ride.

See-And-Be-Seen Girls Night Out in L.A.

If you’re sick of the usual sleepy neighborhood dinners (that inevitably end in Ubers back home by 10pm), go be your best Jenner and snag a table at The Nice Guy.

This La Cienega hot spot lounge has an energy that is a few steps above a restaurant and just below a club. It’s technically an Italian restaurant, but nobody here is scarfing down red sauce pasta and meatballs.

The Nice Guy is a great place for those girls who want to have a great time, but don’t need all the action of the raging club scene.

It’s a complete see-and-be-seen, which-E!-Show-are-you-on crowd. And sometimes that’s just what the doctor prescribed.

Girls Night Out To Glam Up And Let Loose

They don’t call it a Playhouse for no reason as this is the venue you head to when you want to let loose and play for your Girls Night Out on the town. A slim dance floor sits directly in front of the DJ booth – but this is by far the best seat in the house if you want to get in all of the action.

Caged dancers accentuate the headlining DJs and performers like LMFAO, Lil Jon, Chris Brown and more. Plush VIP seating offers patrons a chance to get right in all the craziness of the main dance floor.

Playhouse has been named as one of the top 10 nightclubs in the world. And it’s fully equipped for the crazy GIRLS NIGHT OUT that only L.A. can host.

Watch as one of the most unforgettable GIRLS NIGHT OUT of your life unfolds. As they say, ‘steal the night’ at Playhouse Hollywood and keep the memories forever.

Wild Girls Night of Sake Bombs And Karaoke

Sing your little heart out with your favorite females at the most popular, Luxe Karaoke spot in West Hollywood.

Blind Dragon is where to find all the cool kids (and celebrities) partying it up in LA… There’s nothing like toasting your Girls Night Out with copious sake bombs and karaoke singing with your favorite girls by your side.

With numerous stages and four private karaoke suites, no night at Blind Dragon is complete without its fair share of booze-addled belting. Whether you are looking to spice up after work cocktails or in pursuit of a spectacular night out on the town, Blind Dragon provides late night encounters unlike any other Girls Night in LA.

Blind Dragon is the place to go for a Girls Night you won’t forget (or maybe you will forget after a few rounds of sake bombs and Shanghai Mules).

Vegas Girls Night Out Without Leaving L.A.

Spend your Girls Night Out with glitz, glam, and glitter (even if that last one is only on your miniskirt).

Round up your favorite females, slip into flirty dresses, and throw on your faux tiaras and feather boas for a wild night of drinking and dancing at Club Lure. This celeb hot spot exudes that classic Vegas party life vibe with a splash of the epic L.A. nightlife thrown in.

The décor of this place is stunning … dark mahogany floors, cushy seating, and light spheres that drip down from the ceiling and pulsate to the beat of the music. It’s vibrant, colorful and absolutely off-the-hook. Not the ‘sip and people watch party,’ but rather it exudes the ‘guzzle your glass and get on the dance floor’ vibe.

Our tip: Fridays and Saturdays are when to experience the cutting-edge in cool clubbing L.A.’s Lure Nightclub. So wrangle a group of fab ladies and a tolerable pair of stilettos. And get ready to dance the stress away at LURE Nightclub.

Enjoy the Craziest Girls Night Out of Your Life

If you and your friends are looking for a club with good music (where you’ll actually find people on the dance floor), CREATE Nightclub is your spot.

Home to a 300 foot zip line for aerial performances as well as the largest LED light in Hollywood, Create Nightclub is about indulging all of your senses. Offering three rooms dedicated to pulsing EDM hits and house headliners.

CREATE is a place to be seen, dance in heels, and rage to EDM. The SBE venue houses 20,000 sq. ft. of spectacular possibilities limited only by your imagination. L.A.’s largest sound system and the world’s best DJs combine to create a Girls Night Out you will never forget. Your Girls Night Out gonna be a great one!

Let The Booze (And Moves) Flow on Girls Night Out

There is no better place to have a true girls night out than at the West Hollywood staple the Abbey. Dubbed “The Best Gay Bar in the World” by MTV Logo, The Abbey consistently offers stiff drinks, go go dancers, wild dancing, and a packed house.

Maybe it’s not the best spot to go for a Girls Night Out if your girls are thirsty for a little lovin’. But if you’re just looking to have a good time, hit the dance floor and let the booze (and moves) flow. The drinks at this West Hollywood stalwart are notoriously strong.

Our tip: One thing to be aware of, bachelorette parties are not welcomed here. So tone it down if your girl group is on the bigger side, even if there’s no bride-to-be in the bunch.

Stylish Rooftop Party Girls Night

It’s worth the long lines that still greet guests at E.P & L.P. for the panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills alone. With boozy boba drinks and a gorgeous rooftop to mix and mingle, there are few bars as perfect as this for an outing with the ladies.

This happening outdoor bar and indoor restaurant is a stylish spot for not only dining, but also drinking. From delicious southeastern Asian food to a terrific craft cocktail menu, it’s perfect for a Girls Night Out. There’s also a super exclusive patch of rooftop known as Frankie’s (a private bar with daybeds).

The fun atmosphere, great drinks, and equally tasty food will make for a fun night out with the girls. Whatever you order here, be assured that you can’t go wrong. Everything is incredible.

Our tip: Since you can’t make a reservation for L.P. Rooftop, it’s best to get there right at opening. And if you’ve had a few by the end of the night, you might want to take the elevator. Don’t be that person falling down the stairs.

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Perfect Girls Night Out Club Nightlife Guide

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