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Boulevard3 · The Palatial Hollywood Club

Address: 6523 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90028, USA.

Capacity: 1000

Venue Type:
Nightclub · Performance Venue · Supper Club · Dance Club
Hours of Operation:
Fri-Sat: 9:30 pm – 2:00 am.

Known as a playground to the stars, Boulevard3 boasts vast indoor-outdoor spaces for the fashionably loud and sexy to indulge in the best of LA nightlife. The venue fuses the intimacy of a party at a private home, the luxury of a four-star estate, and the spirit of play, might be best described as a counter-club. Experience Tinseltown ‘glitz and glam’ at the palatial Hollywood club, Boulevard3. Boulevard3 occupies the tier below the newest, toughest doors around the corner so it’s a great option if drama isn’t your thing.

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Boulevard3 · Bottle Service

Bottle Service is always best at Boulevard3. VIP table service ensures a night to remember while indulging in custom-tailored LA club packages. The venue features several bars and lounge areas, outdoor courtyard, stage performers and more. Arrange for bottle service at one of the outside cabanas if you are looking for a more relaxed space for conversation with your bachelorette party or whatever friends you make on the dance floor. Boulevard3 is measureless and free-flowing. The perfect venue for birthday and bachelorette parties.

Boulevard3 is the “it” place in Hollywood. It’s one of the coolest places to party in LA. Their Go-Go dancers are too hot to be true in their bootylicious outfits, shaking it down to every single song the DJ plays. When your feet start screaming for a break, be sure to visit the outdoor patio. The fireplaces and fountains makes it an ideal place to chill outside with your cocktail before you dance for the rest of the night at one of the best clubs in Hollywood. So definitely keep your eyes open in this massive indoor-outdoor venue, and get ready for a long night of dancing.

Boulevard3 · The Design

Entering from Sunset Boulevard, guests pass through a large iron gate—a “door within a door” that foreshadows a theme that pervades the property—into a landscaped English courtyard. In the center sit a pair of reflecting pools, one ending in a 20-foot fireplace whose flames seem to float on the water.

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Boulevard3 · Event Spaces

An intimate “manor library” takes guests inside Boulevard3. When the main ballroom is open, the library serves as an antechamber; otherwise it can function as a freestanding space accommodating its own bar, exhibiting a sense of grandeur with its vaulted ceiling and marble fireplace.

The intimacy of Boulevard3’s library opens to a 7,500 sq ft, three-level ballroom, including a 1,500 sq ft dance floor. Capable of accommodating a large stage for live performances, the ballroom features a main bar situated beneath 30-foot-high ceilings.

Around the periphery of the ballroom, a mezzanine, set 3ft above the main floor, provides a perfect locale to experience dance floor festivities for the perfect mix of luxury and comfort. As you move onto the dance floor, Boulevard3’s design further challenges the senses by interpolating the worlds of hospitality and entertainment. Interlocking platforms are carefully plotted to set the stage for dynamic performances that occur throughout the evening. Boulevard3’s guests are provided an unforgettable experience—from innovative cirque performances to full choreographed shows.

Boulevard3 · Technology

Technology also ensures the desired sense of engagement for patrons. Boasting a half-million dollar LED Lighting System, the walls, columns, ceilings, and floors are adaptable to over 1,200 static or moving colors. Along with 12-channel Tannoy sound system, advanced Color Kinetics LED lighting and 12 Elation moving lights, a thunder and lightning storm can come to life and seem to move through the venue without shedding a drop of rain. To further enhance the mood, Boulevard3 has 13 networked plasma screens, two 12ft by 20ft projection screens and one 13-foot by 9-foot projection screen in the ballroom, a projection screen over the library mantel, and a vast LED LOGO wall in the library. Providing another amenity to your event, Boulevard3 has an extensive steel deck staging system that can be utilized to build a performance stage, multi-level dance floor, or fashion show runway.

Boulevard3 · Entertainment

Though DJs themselves are an integral part of the experience, Boulevard3 envisions more interactive experiences that distinguish this L.A. top club. Whether flamenco dancers, aerial performers, or other unexpected surprised that knock people out of a passive posture, the mandate for his Sunset Boulevard venue is clear: keep it active, deliver the unexpected, and earn the moniker of counter-club.

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Boulevard3 · Dress Code
  • First off, What’s not allowed? As you now know, just because it is against the formal dress code doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t occasionally get through the door. Often times if you show up with a very stylish look, things are overlooked. Still, be mindful that these are things that are universally “not allowed” per official dress codes: baggy jeans, sports hats, tennis shoes, shoes that are considered too “sports like,” shorts, jerseys, and beanies.
  • What about denims or jeans? Jeans are completely acceptable at every top club in LA. You just want to make sure that your jeans look good. Most LA top clubs frown upon torn, rugged jeans. Also, you shouldn’t try to walk in wearing really baggy jeans. You will get rejected. Probably even laughed at. Bad idea.
  • What about my shoes? You are always safe with leather and dress shoes. You can even occasionally get away with low profile “tennis shoes” as long as they are solid black, if they look dressy enough and don’t have any huge logos on them. Have some trendy kicks that you want to wear out? Officially, they aren’t allowed, but most LA top clubs are relaxing the rules on shoes if you compensate elsewhere in your outfit. Have on a STYLISH collared shirt, tie, jacket, nice pants with your fashionable sports shoes? Technically speaking it’s against the “rules,” but you might be just fine.
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6523 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles,
United States

Boulevard3 Hollywood

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