Celebrity Nightlife
Celebrity Nightlife

Celebrity Nightlife LA Insiders Guide

10 Best Celebrity Nightlife LA Hot Spot Destinations

Admit it: when you go to LA, the one thing you really want is to spot a celeb. While there is no guarantee you will spy a familiar face when you are here. There are some locations where you can up the odds. The key to finding an A-lister? Hang out where they do. Hit up any of these LA hot spots for a fabulous night out that might turn into a star-studded affair. Throw on a sexy black dress with highest heels; grab your friends; and head to your next great night out in LA. Hope you’re on the VIP guest list!!

Playhouse Hollywood
Bootsy Bellows
Academy Nightclub
Nightingale Plaza
Lure Nightclub
Hollywood Roosevelt
1 OAK Los Angeles
The Nice Guy

Celebrity Nightlife

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