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Bottle Service VIP is the ultimate way to experience the Best of Los Angeles Nightlife and Current LA Top Clubs. If you add up the costs of the drinks for you and your friends throughout an evening (which can and always adds up fast and before you know it). Then factor in the time you waited in line outside. The cover charge. The time you spent waiting at the bar. The tips for the bartender to get him to come back faster the next time. The fact that you lost your stand-up table in the corner when you went to the can. You can see why having your own little corner of a L.A. top club might be worthwhile.

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Los Angeles is home to many of the world’s best nightlife venues. Furthermore, in the nightlife industry, there are a wide range of experiences, features, and people. However, a common denominator in majority of LA clubs is bottle service VIP. In short, bottle service is an alternative way of experiencing nightlife with less hassle as opposed to general admission. The experience starts with your personal VIP host escorting you into the venue without waiting in any lines. You arrive at your own VIP table where your bottles are already waiting and custom cocktails are served by your personal model server. Tables are generally roped off with designated security, providing you with a true VIP experience.

Wanna Get Noticed? Get a Table Reservation. If you are looking for the ultimate VIP experience at L.A.’s top clubs then bottle service will be your primary choice. Dance clubs in Los Angeles have evolved into epic party experiences with world renowned DJs, live concert-like performances, and celebrity appearances. This obviously draws huge crowds and many times extremely packed nightclubs. In order to get the best real estate in the venue with your own private table for you and your group to let loose without dealing with the entire general admission crowds of creatures, reserving bottle service is required. Also know that getting bottle service gets you and your friends in faster and with less of a hassle.

Insider’s Guide to Bottle Service VIP NIGHTCLUB ENTRY

If you have been to Los Angeles before then you are probably familiar with the ridiculous lines at the nightclubs. Don’t get stuck in 2hr lines with the possibility of still not getting in and paying a cover when you finally get to the door. Bottle Service VIP includes a VIP host who will meet you personally outside of the club and walk you in with zero lines of any type. You won’t have to wait in a “VIP” line and you will even bypass the crowd in the table bottle service line.

It is not like the olden days where you could walk up to the doorman and tip $20 at the last minute. In most cases, you will not even get close to the doorman. Plus you will be competing with hundreds of people in the same situation, some with just as much money or more. By utilizing bottle service VIP, you can spend your day stress free and arrive at the club whenever you want. A seasoned professional will arrange the most convenient time for your group and personally escort you into the club. Trust the Los Angeles nightlife experience with bottle service VIP. You will not be disappointed.

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Bottle Service VIP · THE BREAKDOWN

  • Two bottles of premium liquor: You’ll choose two bottles of top-shelf (Grey Goose, Belvedere … brands that you’d request by name are generally considered top-shelf) included in the package price.
  • Unlimited Mixers: Your bottles come with complimentary standard mixers like sodas, cranberry, orange, and pineapple. This package states that Red Bull is not included, so Red Bulls will be an extra charge.
  • A private VIP table: Your table is included in the package. This package’s table is on the dance floor level of the nightclub. Location is included (and factored into) the package price.
  • Personal waitress: Your table includes a waitress for the evening that will pour and mix your drinks. If her gratuity is included in the package price, that will usually be noted next.
  • Tax and Gratuity: Tax and Gratuity (often called “service” or “tip”) is approximately 30% (~10% tax, 18-20% tip) at most LA top clubs.
  • Table Packages: Want to know exactly what you’re getting as you decipher your package’s details? When it comes to table service, every order can be unique as your night out. You can choose your bottles, select your mixers, and opt for any extras your group might want. But, if you like your nightlife wrapped up in a neat little bow, a table package might be for you. A table package is preplanned with bottles, extras, and tax and tip is often included. Packages often offer a discount, deal, or added value to your night out.


You get your own private table and space to enjoy the night. Feel free to dance and mingle without getting run into by others. Plus you have the ability to sit as well. Having a table makes it easier to meet new friends and invite them to come party with you. Table service also is 100% more upscale and makes it way easier to be noticed by everyone in the club, and you have the top unblocked views of the live performances and DJs.

You have waitresses, bussers, and security that work just for you and the tables in your area. Table services comes with full service. There is no reason for you to have to go to the bar or make your own drinks. You’ll have an extremely attractive waitress set to take care of you for the entire night. Security makes sure only the right people can enter your table areas, and bussers help with the entire service and make sure you have a smooth experience.

If you are a group of all guys know that girls in the club are looking for a table to hang out at and enjoy drinks with. They’ll be eating out of your hands.


Imagine wandering up to the club and immediately greeted at the door. Someone brings you to your table and introduces you to your personal waitress for the night. You’re dancing, the music is great. Next thing you know, you have bottles lined up and you and your friends are hitting it off with nothing but a great hassle-free night ahead. Sound too good to be true? It doesn’t have to be. The benefits of bottle service VIP are numerous, but we’ve gathered up a list of top perks that bottle service VIP provides. Here is our list of Top 4-Best Advantages of Bottle Service VIP.

Your entire nightlife experience can be ruined as you wait in endless lines and shuffle through the crowd just to get a drink. From VIP service, to your own private area, to even saving money, the perks of bottle service VIP are endless. So the next time you go out, ask yourself, “Do I really feel like waiting in line?”


It’s true that bottle service isn’t for everyone, but that’s what luxury items are all about. While it is more expensive than paying cover charge and getting drinks at the bar, it is a completely better experience. If you want to be treated like a VIP and celebrate in L.A. nightlife to the fullest, bottle service VIP will be your choice.

Here are some Last Minute Bottle Service Tips:
  • The more you are willing to spend on bottle service the better table location you will receive. Dance floor tables and those closest to the live performer or DJ will cost more than tables on the second story or in a second room.
  • You will almost always exceed your predicted minimum spend by 1.5x. As the night goes on and the drinking begins the alcohol can go fast. Plus you always meet new friends to share drinks with.
  • Tell your waitress that only one person is in control of the ordering. This way the entire group isn’t able to start ordering and drive the bill up.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for bottle service specials, especially during the week nights. Know that by tipping hosts and those that help you get your bottle service reservation you can be eligible for better deals and hookups.
  • Just because a club is bigger doesn’t always mean it is better. The smaller clubs can be just as fun as the mega clubs.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to make your bottle service reservation. Tables are in high demand. If you wait too long you could find that the venues are sold out.

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In the City of Angels, VIP table service makes a fun night of prime-time partying heavenly. When it comes to mixing it up with the jet-set and celebs, bottle service is generally the easiest, least expensive and most effective way to make that happen. If you want to pamper yourself or a friend for a special event like a birthday, anniversary, or a bachelor or bachelorette party, we’ve got just the place. We have scoured the city to bring you the best bottle service venues to make your decision on where to celebrate that special night out that much easier.

For revelers with a taste for the high-life, BottleMenuService offers a range of VIP party packages that will make you feel like royalty. Need more information? We’d love to hear from you. Call us at +1 (310) 749-9029 or enter your reservation below. Please be as detailed as possible about your event. We will reach out to you shortly. If you do not hear from us within 24 hrs, or if you desire a quicker response, send us a text message at +1 (310) 749-9029. Want more and get more. Book your party bus LA club package online at

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