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Lure Hollywood Nightclub Saturday

LURE Hollywood Nightclub · LIT Saturdays

A-listers, socialite partiers, diehard DJ followers, bottle service rock stars, moneyed out-of-townees, early 20s to mid 30s; Lit Saturdays at Club Lure Los Angeles. With top Hip Hop DJs and celeb hosted events, Lure Hollywood Nightclub is where to party Saturdays nights in LA!!!

Address: 1439 Ivar Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Phone: +1 (310) 749-9029

Popular Nights: Saturdays 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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Back Bar | Small Table

5 GUESTS | $450 MIN
VIP table in back of club near bar.

Main Room | Special #1

8 GUESTS | $700 MIN
Table in main room with [2] Bottles of Ketel One Vodka.

Main Room | Special #2

10 GUESTS | $800 MIN
Table in main room with [2] Premium Bottles of Choice.

Dance floor | Large Table

15 GUESTS | $1,200 MIN
VIP table on dance floor near DJ stage.

DJ Table on Stage

15 GUESTS | $1,500-$1,600 MIN
Elevated table on stage next to DJ.

Lure Nightclub
1439 Ivar Ave
Los Angeles,
United States

Lure Hollywood Nightclub Saturday

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