Playhouse Nightclub Thursday July 7

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Playhouse Nightclub Thursday

Address: 6506 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90028, USA.

Event Date:
Thurs., July 7, 2016 at 11:00pm – 3:00am.

Venue Type:
Nightclub · Live Music · Bottle Service · Dance Club

Capacity: 650

Join the fashionably loud and sexy at one of L.A.’s most notorious playground to the stars, Playhouse Nightclub. The vibe of this Vegas-style LA top club is see-and-be-seen, where scantily clad go-go dancers slither in half cages, ribbon dancers in lingerie twist and contort on thin sheets, and bottles pop non-stop. A whirlwind combination of high design, circus visuals, and celebrity hosted events, Playhouse offers three-ring bedlam that die-hard club fans will not want to miss.

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Playhouse Nightclub · LA Top Club Thursday Night

Playhouse Nightclub Thursday nights offer the best Los Angeles club nightlife featuring hip-hop and top 40 deejays. Playhouse, July 7th 2016, features music by LA top DJ Jae Murphy. Playhouse Thursdays stands out because of its after dark mischief and mayhem, 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM. And one step inside this late night L.A. party haven will certainly get you partying late into the night, Vegas-style. Playhouse is 13,000 sq. ft. of nocturnal bliss; located at 6506 Hollywood Blvd in the heart Hollywood. To RSVP, call +1 (310) 749-9029, or visit


Playhouse Nightclub · Venue Profile

Playhouse nightclub is a Hollywood playground for the Hollywood rich and famous, a 13,000 square foot renovated two story ex-theater that has both a night club, and attached eatery; Calle Tacos, for those who want a bite to eat. Playhouse Nightclub is a sought after destination for the young, beautiful, rich and well connected, who are always ready to spend on VIP tables and exclusive events.

Playhouse Hollywood Club Venue Images

The interior consists of an open layout with VIP booths lining the wall, and a sunken dance floor surrounded by VIP booths, and a large DJ stage up front. There are two bars in the nightclub, allowing clubbers easy access to them at all times. The nightclubs hostess’s wear seductive dramatic outfits, complete with masquerade masks.

Playhouse Nightclub · Venue Policies

The Crowd. Lively mix of Hollywood club kids, well-dressed Valley commuters, college students, and birthday and bachelorette parties, early to mid-20s. At any occasion you can find a number of celebrities making their way inside, including: Rihanna, Rick Ross, Drake, Lil Wayne, and number of other young Hollywood elites.

Arrival Process. Government issued I.D. attesting to the fact that the guests are 21 years of age or older is always required for entry to the venue. No exceptions. Management reserves all rights. Please arrive as close to opening as possible (11PM on most nights) and proceed to the table reservation entrance.

Playhouse Nightclub · Dress Code

Playhouse Nightclub dress code policy for guests is strictly enforced. Fashionable, upscale attire is required to be granted entry. Playhouse maintains the highest standards of dress attire for all of their patrons.

  • First off, What’s not allowed? As you now know, just because it is against the formal dress code doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t occasionally get through the door. Often times if you show up with a very stylish look, things are overlooked. Still, be mindful that these are things that are universally “not allowed” per official dress codes: baggy jeans, sports hats, tennis shoes, shoes that are considered too “sports like,” shorts, cut-offs, Capri’s, jerseys, and beanies.
  • What about denims or jeans? Jeans are completely acceptable at every club in LA. You just want to make sure that your jeans look good, as most LA top clubs frown upon torn, rugged jeans. Also, you shouldn’t try to walk in wearing really baggy jeans. You will get rejected. Probably even laughed at. Bad idea.
  • What about my shoes? You are always safe with leather and dress shoes. You can even occasionally get away with low profile “tennis shoes” as long as they are solid black, if they look dressy enough and don’t have any huge logos on them. Have some trendy kicks that you want to wear out? Officially, they aren’t allowed, but most LA top clubs are relaxing the rules on shoes if you compensate elsewhere in your outfit. Have on a STYLISH collared shirt, tie, jacket, nice pants with your fashionable sports shoes? Technically speaking it’s against the “rules,” but you might be just fine.
Playhouse Nightclub · VIP Nightlife Concierge

Playhouse is one of L.A.’s most popular nightclubs, which results in a guest list that will not let you in unless you’re on it, you know a promoter, or you’re a celebrity. A VIP table reservation is highly recommended, along with an early RSVP, to ensure quick access into the club. Call us at +1 (310) 749-9029 or enter your reservation below. Please be as detailed as possible about your event and we will reach out to you shortly. If you do not hear from us within 24 hrs, or if you desire a quicker response, please send us a text message at +1 (310) 749-9029. Want more and get more. Learn about the best party bus LA club packages online at

Playhouse Hollywood
6506 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles,
United States

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