Argyle Nightclub Thursday June 16

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Argyle Nightclub Thursday

Address: 1600 Argyle Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90028, USA.

Event date:
Thu, June 16, 2016 at 10:00 pm – 2:00 am.

Venue Type:
Nightclub · Bottle Service · Live Music · Dance Club

Capacity: 470+ (300 upstairs, 150 downstairs, 20 patio)

Show off your moves on the dance floor for a sick Thursday night! Thursday is the new Friday. Party at Argyle Nightclub for an incredible start to your (almost) weekend. Because in Los Angeles, we always have three day weekends. Summer is coming, which means everyone is ready to get out and party. Call your crew and tell them you’re partying Thursday night at The Argyle in Hollywood – you won’t regret it. This Thursday, June 16th 2016, features music by DJ Five at The Argyle, located at 1600 N Argyle Avenue in Hollywood. No matter what kind of experience you’re looking for tonight, Argyle has got you covered. Enjoy the best of L.A. nightlife Thursday nights at The Argyle.

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Argyle Nightclub · Bottle Service

Have you ever reserved VIP table service? If you have, you know Argyle Nightclub is a great place to get bottle service. And if not, contact us ASAP and you’re in for an incredible evening. The LA nightlife scene is made for VIP table service, Argyle Nightclub included. Bottle service gets you the VIP treatment, and with a big enough group, can actually save you money. Call your crew and tell them you’re partying at Thursday night at The Argyle. Bottle service gets you in the door quicker, provides a space for you and your crew to hang, and waitress service all night long.

The Argyle Nightclub has 21 VIP tables available for bottle service. Even though this L.A. nightlife celeb-infested party haven has plenty of key VIP spots to reserve your bottle service VIP, make haste. The Argyle Nightclub is where all tables get booked and sell out quickly, so be sure to reserve your table with enough time before hand.


Argyle Nightclub · Venue Profile

Below the streets of Hollywood lies a secret place known for the company it keeps and the company it keeps out. A subterranean hideaway visited for business and pleasure by everyone who’s anyone. Neither modest nor pretentious, it’s a throwback to an era of glamour and sophistication.

Above the underground bar rests an oasis amidst Los Angeles nightlife, a debauched dancery that’s soon to be mentioned with devoted reverence and yearning nostalgia. It’s a champagne jam where high art, high fashion, and high times mingle on the dancefloor and the DJ is only as important as the next song.

The space stands as a colorful canvas that lends itself to the artistry of its guests, creating a welcome respite from the monotonous and the detached. Where an air of spontaneity and excess endures and lavishly theatrical celebrations engage the crowd with ever-changing style and composition. We welcome you to take part in our brazen performance, at The Argyle Nightclub.


Argyle Nightclub · Venue Policies

Arrival Process. Government issued I.D. attesting to the fact that the guests are 21 years of age or older is always required for entry to the venue. No exceptions. Management reserves all rights. Please arrive as close to opening as possible (10PM on most nights) and proceed to the table reservation entrance.

Dress Code. The Argyle dress code policy for guests is strictly enforced. Fashionable, upscale attire is required to be granted entry. The Argyle maintains the highest standards of dress attire for all of their patrons.

  • First off, What’s not allowed? As you now know, just because it is against the formal dress code doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t occasionally get through the door. Often times if you show up with a very stylish look, things are overlooked. Still, be mindful that these are things that are universally “not allowed” per official dress codes: baggy jeans, sports hats, tennis shoes, shoes that are considered too “sports like,” shorts, cut-offs, Capri’s, jerseys, and beanies.
  • What about denims or jeans? Jeans are completely acceptable at every club in LA. You just want to make sure that your jeans look good, as most LA top clubs frown upon torn, rugged jeans. Also, you shouldn’t try to walk in wearing really baggy jeans. You will get rejected. Probably even laughed at. Bad idea.
  • What about my shoes? You are always safe with leather and dress shoes. You can even occasionally get away with low profile “tennis shoes” as long as they are solid black, if they look dressy enough and don’t have any huge logos on them. Have some trendy kicks that you want to wear out? Officially, they aren’t allowed, but most LA top clubs are relaxing the rules on shoes if you compensate elsewhere in your outfit. Have on a STYLISH collared shirt, tie, jacket, nice pants with your fashionable sports shoes? Technically speaking it’s against the “rules,” but you might be just fine.

Argyle Nightclub · Nightlife Concierge

For revelers with a taste for the high-life, Argyle offers a variety of VIP options that will make you feel like royalty. Need more information or help booking your bottle service? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you. Need help selecting the right party? Try our personalized concierge service. Call us at +1 (310) 749-9029 or enter your reservation below. Please be as detailed as possible about your event and we will reach out to you shortly. If you do not hear from us within 24hrs, or if you desire a quicker response, please send us a text message at +1 (310) 749-9029. Want more and get more. Book your party bus LA club package online at

The Argyle
1600 Argyle Ave
Los Angeles,
United States

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